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Join, Start, or Transfer a League to Laurel Lane!

Laurel Lane Country Club offers afternoon weekday league play starting at 3:00 Monday through Friday.  The league playing window is six months long, beginning in April through the end of September, depending on your start date.  Some leagues start as early as April while others may not start until June.  It’s not too late to inquire about joining or starting a league.  Leagues sometimes need replacements or will accept new members during the season.

If you would like to join an existing league, please contact our Pro Shop by phone or email and we will see if there are any openings or substitutes needed for existing league play at Laurel Lane.  The vast majority of league placements occur in between February and early May.  There may still be available spots, please contact the Pro Shop to join an existing league as a regular.  Our leagues play Monday through Friday and start as early as 3:00pm and as late as 5:30pm.

We currently have a few spots available in our Laurel Lane Thursday Men’s League.

There are a few spots left in the Wednesday Ladies League.  Please leave word with us in the Pro Shop and we will pass your information on to the League Manager.

If you would like to start a league, please contact our Golf Director, for more information.  To start a league, you must have at least twelve players.  Tee times are at 8 minute intervals.

Thursday Night Men’s League

The Thursday Night Men’s League will be in it’s fourth year at Laurel Lane.  If you would like to join us for the 2018 Golf Season, please contact Joe or Dave in the Pro Shop or by email to

Youth Competitive Golf League (ages 12 – 17)

For those junior golfers who are too old to play in the PGA Junior League Golf, we have started a High School Golf League for you!  Please contact Dave Devereaux in the Pro Shop for more information.  Beginners are encouraged to join.  It’s a great game and fun to play with a group!

PGA Junior League  Golf (ages 8 – 13)

PGA Junior Golf League is the perfect entry level program for your child to begin learning the game of golf.  We are very excited to be participating in this program.  This is a great way to keep the kids interested in the game and to learn from a structured environment.  This fills up quickly, so please contact Dave Devereaux in the Pro Shop.

  • League Season takes place in June and July
  • Matches and Practices take place on weekend afternoons
  • All participants get to play in every competition
  • There are only a limited amount of spots on our team so please register before June

Hosted Leagues at Laurel Lane

(with open spots)

Wednesday Ladies Golf League

Want to join a fun ladies league?  Please leave a message in the Pro Shop for Sharon Kirk.

Nine and Dine Couples Golf League

Open to all Couples!  Nine holes beginning at 3:30PM, informal, with no weekly commitments, $5.00 per couple, No Cost to Join, No Handicap necessary, Anniversary Rates and Meal Coupons are Accepted.  Come Join in the Fun!  Contact Roger Thibodeau (401) 639-0266 or by email to rognblint@gmail.

Youth Competitive Golf League

Still accepting new members, Contact Dave Devereaux in the Pro Shop at (401) 783-3844